Christie’s Blessing!

Christie Fortuin, Oskos, started working as a cleaner in 1984 at Hoër Landbouskool Augsburg. Christie was also responsible for cycling to town every day at half past eleven, handing in the mail bag at the post office and taking out the new mail, going to the bank and doing other tasks in town.

In time, Christie obtained his driver’s license and often helped transport learners with the school’s 16-seater minibus. Since Christie was a very reliable watchman, he was allowed to pass out with the school’s 60-seater bus and over time it became Christie’s task to transport learners to Vredendal on Fridays with the school bus, Airwolf, and to pick up the learners again on Sundays from Vredendal. He carried out this task with great responsibility until he retired from service at the age of 60 in 2014 with a pension.

It has come to the attention of the management of the Augsburg Alumni Association that, due to his health, Christie is dependent on a wheelchair these days. With the help of Quasar House, where Jacobus Smit (Kraai), one of Augsburg’s ex-learners, also a Quasar House resident, handed over a wheelchair to Christie on Sunday 4 September 2022 during a party. With this, Quasar emphasized that they are not only very grateful for everything they receive, but also want to make a contribution to improving Christie’s standard of living. There wasn’t a dry eye after Christie gave his thanks and said the prayer before dinner.

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