Welcome to Quasar House

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The concept of the house is basically that we make our own decisions within a group.

Once a month we have a house meeting where we take important decisions and allocate various tasks to the residents. Furthermore, every resident has a department that he or she must handle.  One resident for example will be responsible for all matters relating to transport while another resident will do all the administration of the house.


Services and Activities:

Providing 24 hour nursing care and accommodation to physically disabled quadriplegics. This is to ensure that physically disabled quadriplegics can be bathed, cleaned and have accommodation for their special needs.  To care for their basic human needs and to give them a quality of life and peace of mind.

Training and equipping of staff and care attendants.

Assisting health professionals, doctors and nursing staff at Grootte Schuur hospital.  Actively involved with Grootte Schuur hospital and interaction with medical professionals to enhance medical research and enable quadriplegics to be integrated back into society.

Provision of suitable accommodation to people with disabilities.  People in wheelchairs need accessible accommodation and specially adapted bathroom facilities and devices.

Community radio.  Informing the general public of the dangers of diving, drug & alcohol abuse

Informing the general public about a wide variety of information concerning disability issues. Keeping them informed about organisations and associations who can be contacted if assistance or guidance is needed.  Families are devastated when a loved one ends up being totally paralyzed. We assist and stand by these families during such times.

Arrive Alive: Actively involved in annual arrive alive campaigns. To prevent disabilities by warning motorists to buckle up and to drive careful especially over Christmas and Easter times.

School students:  Outreach project.  Allowing school students to interact with disability groups and making them aware of discrimination against people with differences.

Assisting Correctional Services rehabilitation programmes. Working with Correctional Services to allow people who undergo rehabilitation programmes to help and interact with people with disabilities.